Cast your iOS photos, music and videos with SnapCaster


Available for iOS 10+ on iPhone and iPad. Works with all Chromecast products including Chromecast, Chromecast Audio, and TV's and speakers with Chromecast built-in.



Browse your iOS photos, arranged by album, and cast them to your tv. Show smart albums such as favourites and screenshots. Setup a slideshow with a customisable interval.

Zoom and Cast

Zoom in on regions of your photos and cast just the zoomed in area. User-selectable scaling modes allow you to maximise the use of your large screen tv.

Music Soundtrack

Setup a queue of music tracks to cast alongside the photos. Use tracks from your iOS music library. Add, delete and rearrange tracks in the queue as the music is playing.

Siri Support

Use Siri to search for photos by album, date and location.

"Show my Holiday album using SnapCaster"
Show photos from New York using SnapCaster"
"Show photos from summer 2018 using SnapCaster"