Frequently Asked Questions

Use the iOS 'Photos' app to create new albums which can then be viewed in SnapCaster.

Use the iOS 'Photos' app to rearrange the order of photos in an album. The 'All Photos' view in SnapCaster is always ordered with the newest photo first.

To cast a zoomed photo, long press on it, pinch and zoom to the region of interest, then press the Cast button. Or select a photo, use the 'Scaling Mode' menu and select 'Manual Zoom'.

Use the iOS 'Music' app to create your playlists and then add them to the SnapCaster music queue. SnapCaster remembers your music queue between app startups.

SnapCaster cannot cast copy-protected music files.

When connected to Chromecast on iPad, you can drag and drop images into SnapCaster from, for example, Safari and Messages to quickly cast them.

A series of videos may be casted by turning on 'Autoplay After Video' in settings. After a video has finished the next item in the thumbnail grid will be played automatically.


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